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The big glide guide: Everything you want to know about lube 

Long live the innovation! Because if time had stood still, we would still have used olive oil as a lubricant today, as the Romans did. Nothing wrong with olive oil, but it goes better with pasta. Fortunately, in 2022 we have access to a wide variety of lubricants. For a multitude of purposes. We take you into the wonderful world of lubricants.  

What is lube?

Lubricant is, to put it bluntly, the lubricant for sex. A liquid causes the friction between parts to share. That everything runs more smoothly. There are different types of lubricants on the market. You have water-based, oil-based and silicone lubricants. And you can choose from synthetic and natural lubricants.Which lubricant suits you best depends on your preference and the way you want to use it. Water is a body's own substance. That means that water-based lubricant is absorbed by the skin for a while. There's nothing bad about that. It means that you have to reapply in between. Oil- and silicone-based lubricants are waterproof. The gliding effect therefore continues to save longer mid-session regreasing is often not necessary.Want to know more about the best choice for you? Then read our selection guide.

Why would you use lube? 

Traditionally, lubricant is seen as a means for vagina owners who experience dryness during foreplay, self-play or penetration sex. It makes sex less painful for them and therefore a lot more enjoyable. In addition, lubricant can not be missing during anal sex. Because although most vaginas produce a natural lubricant themselves, the anus does not have that gift.But the idea that you only use lube for practical reasons is, in our opinion, acceptable. 

Because lubricant is not only useful but also very nice! For example, it often makes a quickie more enjoyable – for all parties involved. And a drop of lubricant in a condom can make sex much more enjoyable for penis owners and it can help postpone the final stop. So what are you waiting for? Lube the tube!

This is almost starting to sound like a commercial. But our experience is that you wonder why you ever lived without lube as soon as you give it a chance.

What is in the Aia* natural lubricant?

The main ingredient of our natural water-based lubricant is (surprise, surprise): water! And glycerin. Glycerin is obtained from vegetable oils, such as canola oil. It is a water-soluble, natural substance that helps to hydrate the skin. And it is odorless. That is why it is an indispensable ingredient for our lubricants.

In addition, our lubricants are enriched with Acacia Senegal Gum. This is an herb with a skin-soothing effect. It is extracted from acacia trees, without killing the trees. In our lubricant, it acts as a natural thickener, as an emulsifier (which keeps the ingredients well mixed) and as a stabilizer (which keeps the gel a flexible substance).

We use carrageenan from red sea algae, also as a thickener. With a drop of citric acid we stabilize the pH value of the lubricant, making it skin-friendly for all parts of the body. Sodium anisate, which we get from fennel, and sodium levulinate, from corn, are both natural preservatives. These substances ensure that your lubricant does not expire.

That's all! No perfume, no silicones, no sulphate and no parabens. And as a bonus – or no, actually this should be the standard – our products are vegan and not tested on animals.

How do you use lube?

Our lubricant is meant to hydrate and moisturize. It increases comfort during sex and replenishes the body's natural moisture. Of course do what you like, but in general it works like this:

  1. Put a few drops of lubricant on your hand or directly on the vagina or penis. Take plenty of anal use.
  2. Then gently rub the lubricant on the desired area: clitoris, vagina, penis, balls, nipples, anus, or wherever.
  3. Repeat this as many times as you want
  4. Have fun!

It is useful to test some lubricant on your forearm beforehand. That way you know you are not allergic.

Because our lubricant is water-based, you can safely use it with silicone toys (be careful with silicone lubricant in combination with silicone toys) and with latex, which condoms are often made of.

So, have you outgrown Roman times like us? Then order your natural water-based lubricant online here.

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