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Sexual Wellness: What is it and why is it so important?

Forget yoga, oat milk, or matcha. Sexual wellness is the new addition to your self-care routine. But what is it exactly?

What is sexual wellness?

Sexual wellness refers to the conscious care of a person's sexual health, well-being, and satisfaction. It encompasses not only physical aspects such as safe sexual practices but also psychological and emotional aspects such as sexual desires, satisfaction, and communication.

It is important to work on your sexual wellness as it can have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being. Sexuality plays a significant role in our relationships and can help us connect with our partners and enhance our self-esteem. Here are some reasons why sexual wellness is so important:

1. Physical health: By practicing safe sexual practices, you can protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy. Sexual activity can also help boost the immune system, reduce the risk of heart disease, and regulate hormone levels.

2. Mental health: Sexuality plays a crucial role in our mental well-being. It can help reduce stress, enhance self-esteem, and improve our mood.

3. Relationships: Sexual activity can strengthen intimacy and connection with our partners. It can also promote communication and openness in our relationships.

4. Pleasure: Sex can be immensely pleasurable and contribute to our overall sense of happiness.

Inspiration for a self-care routine

Sexual well-being is an important aspect of self-care, and there are many ways to incorporate it into your routine. Here are some ideas:

1 Explore on your own: Take the time to explore your body and learn what feels good to you. Masturbation is a great way to do this and can help you feel more comfortable with your own sexuality. Fantasize and imagine different scenarios in your mind to discover what turns you on.

2. Communicate with your partner: If you have a partner, open communication about your needs and desires is key to sexual well-being. Talk about what you like and don't like, and be willing to listen to your partner's feedback as well.

3. Use protection: Safe sex is an essential part of sexual well-being. Use condoms or other forms of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted infections.

4. Try something new: Experimenting with different sexual activities or positions can help keep things fresh and exciting. Be open to trying new things and exploring your sexuality in a safe and consensual manner.

5. Prioritize intimacy: Intimacy goes beyond just sex. Prioritize cuddling, holding hands, and spending quality time with your partner.

6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Your physical health can also impact your sexual well-being. Ensure you get enough sleep, follow a balanced diet, and stay active to boost your libido and overall sexual health.

Remember that sexual well-being is a personal journey, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The most important thing is to listen to your body and prioritize your own needs and desires. 💙


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