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Alternatives to lubricant: What can and can't you use?

The slippery substance that makes sex even better: lubricant. If you find out in the heat of the moment that your bottle is empty, you may be tempted to grab a home-garden-and-kitchen solution. With this guide we explain which products you can and cannot use as an alternative to lubricant.

You have no lubricant at home, don't feel like (or dare) to buy lubricant in the store, an allergy or aversion to certain ingredients in lubricant, or a bad experience with lubricant. All reasons to look for a lubricant alternative. We cover the do's and don'ts of alternatives to lubricant.

When is a product a safe alternative to lubricant?

To be considered a good alternative to lubricant, a product must meet the following conditions:

  • Safe on the skin - especially on the sensitive skin down there
  • Suitable for use in combination with condoms and toys
  • Does not cause (vaginal) infections
  • Glides on smoothly and doesn't dry too quickly

Are vegetable oils a good lubricant alternative?

The ancient Romans didn't just use olive oil for cooking... Sunflower oil, coconut oil and other vegetable oils are also often mentioned as a natural alternative to lubricants.

But pay attention! Although opinions differ, it is generally not recommended to use oil-based lubricants with plastic or silicone sex toys, or with other porous materials. Oil goes well with toys made of metal, glass or ceramic.

In addition, oil can clog the pores and cause breakouts or irritation and can upset the pH balance of the vagina and thus cause infections or bacterial vaginosis. Coconut oil even has antibacterial properties. Coconut oil as a lubricant is really a no-go, because bacteria keep your penis and vagina healthy. For anal use we do not see these disadvantages so much.

Finally, oil causes stubborn stains in your bedding.

So only use these natural oils as a last resort: once, if you have nothing else at home. Or for anal use in combination with a metal, glass or ceramic toy.

Using saliva as a lubricant alternative?

Saliva as an alternative to lubricant can do little harm. It is even super practical because you always have it at hand. And it is sustainable, because nothing needs to be produced. But saliva dries a lot faster than oily substances.

Is petroleum jelly a good alternative to lubricant?

Vaseline is in the bedside table of many people. Rightly so, because Vaseline is a fantastic tool for masturbating penis people. But Vaseline is less suitable for the vulva and vagina. It can cause infections there.

Vaseline is also not a safe combination with a latex condom.

What else are not good alternatives to lubricant?

We often see the following products in blogs – or conversations – about lube alternatives, which are definitely not a good idea:

  • Baby oil: it increases the risk of infections.
  • (Liquid) soap: perfume, alcohol and all other chemical junk in liquid soap are not suitable for the delicate skin down under. Soap is too persistent for both penis and vagina.
  • Water: Anyone who has ever had sex in the bath knows that water doesn't slide very well at all.
  • Sunscreen: Too bad. During your spontaneous beach escapade, it is better to ignore the bottle of sunscreen.

What are good alternatives to lubricant?

Don't want to have a gaudy, ugly bottle on your bedside table? Are you allergic to the many synthetic ingredients of lubricants? Or are you just not into putting unnatural products on your delicate body parts?

Then choose the natural lubricant from Aia*, a water-based lubricant. With only a handful of natural, pH-neutral and cruelty-free ingredients. Because the shorter the ingredients list, the less chance of irritation or exposure to unhealthy substances such as parabens.


In fact, only a natural lubricant is a good natural alternative to the traditional lubricants that you know from the drugstore.

Vegetable oil may be a last resort, but it's not very healthy for your genitals – and your bedding.

The same applies to vaseline, baby oil, soap, water and sunscreen: no good alternatives to lubricant!

Saliva is okay to use, but it doesn't work as well as real lubricants.

Do you want to have a smooth evening? Then choose a natural water-based lubricant. In addition to neutral lubricant, we also have orgasm-delaying lubricant and stimulating gel.


Natural Lubricant

Our 100% natural lubricant is organic and ultra-moisturizing. Made with hydrating glycerin, the gentle pH balanced formula is silicone and paraben free and has the ideal moisture for the body.

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